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Creating a strong foundation by building on transportation management fundamentals for the development of exceptional global logistics professionals, processes and compliance programs.


Delivering Practical Training

PLS is committed to working with you toward the professional development of global logistics, supply chain and transportation personnel through the use of techniques that have proven successful in the workplace.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps through...

- On Site Training
- Customized Curriculum
- Seminars
- Webinars
- Consulting


Growing the Bottom Line through Knowledge

Because of the ever changing global environment, even seasoned logistics specialists require training to meet the challenges of international trade. PLS helps you stay abreast of country and regulatory changes to protect profitability.

With learning comes...

- Minimized Risk
- Greater Proficiency
- Increased Profits
- Development of Best Practices
- Employee Growth


Solutions – Bringing the Pieces Together

Our experts can help you measure the risk associated with your international business and find successful methods to mitigate those risks in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Developing & Enhancing...

- Trade Compliance Programs (Import, Export, Ethics)
- HSE & Quality Programs
- Compliance Audits
- Enriched Logistics Processes
- And much more...

Customer Feedback

  • 96% of participants said that the educational content was excellent.

  • 96% of participants said that the speaker was knowledgeable and well informed.

  • 98% of participants said that the speaker listened to questions and responded appropriately.

  • 92% of participants said that the speaker presented the material in an interesting and engaging manner.

  • 84% of participants said that the seminar was BETTER or SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER as compared to other seminars they have taken.

  • 98% of participants said they would recommend PLS courses to others.

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