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What Others Say About Us...

Feedback Received from Surveys:

  • 96% of participants said that the educational content was excellent.
  • 96% of participants said that the speaker was knowledgeable and well informed.
  • 98% of participants said that the speaker listened to questions and responded appropriately.
  • 92% of participants said that the speaker presented the material in an interesting and engaging manner.
  • 84% of participants said that the seminar was BETTER or SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER as compared to other seminars they have taken.
  • 98% of participants said they would recommend PLS courses to others.

Customer Comments:

"I was so impressed with the way you formatted the information, the thoroughness of how you presented it and the clarity in which you can deliver such complicated subject matter.  I know our employees will benefit greatly from this training.  Great Job!" 

"Wanted to compliment you on your presentation skills and can see where your specialized training and consulting services would be very much in demand in our rather complicated int'l project shipping and logistics world."

"Thank You for the class:  Incoterms 2010.  I learned so much and I feel much more confident with Incoterms.  Look forward to taking other Logistics Classes at PLS." 

"This was a very good and beneficial class.  I've attended other Incoterms classes given by other companies that weren't half as effective."

"On behalf of Moller Supply Services, I would like to thank you for the outstanding incoterms training session on Monday, it was well received by all and useful for our group." 

"I got very good feed back - even from some that always complain - everyone felt that they learned something - therefore TIME WELL SPENT.. in my book!!"

"Excellent!  I want to come back 2-3 more times.  I learned a lot.  Great!" 

"Shortest 8 hours in training I've spent in my career. "

"I wanted to write you a quick note of thanks for making Incoterms so interesting!  Who knew?!  Honestly, it's easy to NOT stay informed and avoid (often) boring subjects when it comes to making decisions about professional training for my CCS credits....I'm keeping the PLS course schedule on my list for future training, for sure!" 

"Spot on!  Just what I need for what I’m doing right now.  I learned a lot.”

"It is apparent that much thought and effort went into the content of this seminar -- Excellent job!"

I want to let you know how much we enjoyed and benefited from your presentation today. Your presentation was clear and extremely well organized – MY COMPLIMENTS. ……. I consider it the best presentation to date on Incoterms 2010.”

"I wanted to let you know that I found today's session very informative! Your way to contrast Census and BIS requirements were excellent."

"The webinar was fantastic (as usual!)"

"I do not think you could do better.  This was not only informative, but fun!" 

"The discussions were valuable.  Good mix of participants"

"The size of the class was perfect.  I would recommend keeping class sizes small."

"Great to attend a seminar where the presentation was pitched at an understandable level even though the topic was not an easy one."

"Excellent handouts and information.  It is very obvious you have incredible knowledge of the industry and that you worked very hard on handouts, slides & presentation.  Quality Presentation."

"All presenters were very knowledgeable and provided high points to consider moving forward."

"I'm so thankful for th ehelpful infomration and easy to understand method you ladies used!"

"Great class; I learned a lot and enjoyed myself."

"I was impressed over the audience targets, e.g. manufactueres, forwarders, shippers, etc.  Each entity picked up a host of credible & applicable information."

"You ladies are amazing!  Thank you for all these learning opportunities."

"Your team was fantastic. It was a very hard crowd to please but everyone saw value."


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